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You should meet our innovative strategies to reach your goals in your sector.

TiE SoCal Angels is open for all aspiring startups with a vision to change the way the world functions using their innovative business ideas. We help you realize your dreams and support you in converting your ideas into a tangible (value based) product.

No matter if your idea is in initiation phase or if you have a working prototype, we welcome everyone to share their vision for the future and leave the rest on us. With our experience in the international business and entrepreneurial growth, we judge an idea and come up with our proposition (depending upon various parameters).

Why Should You Come To TiE SoCal

TiE SoCal is not just another venture capital or investment firm looking to maximize its revenues. We aim to create wealth while supporting the community and make the world a better place by focusing on sustainable ideas.

TiE SoCal team consists veterans from different industries, (like Technology, Finance, Corporate Affairs, Healthcare, Hospitality etc.), so it doesn’t matter which segment of the industry or the society you are aiming to target using your innovative business idea; we are there to help make it work.

Who Can Pitch?

We welcome applications from members and non-members alike. The prime parameter is the possibility and intensity of the problem that you are trying to solve using your idea.

TiE SoCal Angel is looking for the 10 things in your Investment pitch

The Vision

The Problem

The Opportunity

The Solution

The Business Model

Validation and What's Next

Marketing and Growth

The Team


The Ask